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Milk or dark chocolate 'Champagne' bottle with 4 filled chocolates

Completely edible including the chocolate label!

Each unique gift is cast in luxurious Venezuelan Grand Cru single origin milk chocolate (43.5% cocoa mass) or can be cast in Peruvian dark chocolate (70% cocoa mass) if preferred.


Please note: These items are individually handmade so there may be some variance in the appearance and weight, but we do try our very best to maintain consistency.


Presented in either a biodegradable, recyclable red card gift box. Carefully packed with food safe shred. This unique gift comes with 4 Marc de Champagne filled chocolates with a cocoa butter pattern.


Made to order - Please let us know if you require them for a special event/date. We can usually dispatch orders within 5 days.


If the weather is not 'chocolate-friendly' (too warm!) this might take a bit longer which we can discuss at the time of ordering.


Milk or dark chocolate 'Champagne' bottle with 4 filled chocolates

Usually takes about a week to make from the placing of the order
  • If you require further details on a product or allergens please get in touch via the contact us page. 


    • Milk chocolate is Venezuelan single origin 43.5% cocoa mass
    • Dark chocolate is Peruvian origin 70% cocoa mass
    • White chocolate is Colombian origin 36.5% cocoa mass
    • May contain nut, gluten, egg and dairy traces, allergens; milk, soya
    • Minimum weight stated on the item at the time of packing
    • Keep cool and dry

    Please note that all our chocolate products are handmade. Where a product has inclusions, there may be some variance in the amount. 

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