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  • When did it all start?
    Do you remember your first day at school? I remember mine. I splodged a GIANT rectangle of thick brown paint onto a large sheet of paper! Then I added black grid lines across the rectangle and at the age of five, I believed I had 'created my first chocolate bar'
  • How have you learned your skills and what are your aims?
    My passion for working with chocolate grew, so I signed up for a masterclass in York which I successfully completed in early 2019. I'm hoping to learn more by attending more advanced classes in 2023. I wanted to share the rewards of my newly-acquired skills and research to bring you the finest, carefully sourced chocolate. Using the finest grand-cru chocolate couverture from the best cocoa growers across the world, I made the choice to only ever use ethically produced couverture. I am proud to highlight the chocolate and cocoa plantation regions in my ingredient lists. Where possible, I aim to use single-origin chocolate so that the credentials and quality can be traced to one region.
  • Do you do this all on your own?
    Not quite - after a few months, I 'recruited' an assistant. My long-suffering husband Richard, is now in charge of adding lollipop sticks, inclusions, cooling tunnel duties. Increasingly he's had to help out with local deliveries and creating 'tree branches'. He helps with pricing too because I really hate maths and have always feared even simple sums. I think I have a degree of dyscalculia. We are a husband and wife team. Personally, I really enjoy the challenges and being asked to create unique items. Oh and by the way... he also dropped my very first Easter eggs on the way to market. I'm not letting him forget THAT!
  • What is your ultimate aim?
    In three words: to learn more! Chocolate is a subject that I find inspirational and I'm always keen to discuss it as I find every aspect fascinating. My aim is to try to respect the environment and support fair trading. I'd like to be able to do more to encourage ethical values throughout the industry and the traditional and to do my bit to discourage deforestation by supporting our most valuable entrepreneurs - the cocoa farmers. Cocoa ecosystems are more fragile and vulnerable than ever.
  • What about legal requirements and food labelling?
    After passing my food hygiene qualification with flying colours (5 star rating) and a very informative visit from trading standards I was ready to take our first stock to market. I learned how to comply with legislation on chocolate labels and to always discuss allergens with customer if required, to maintain the very highest standards.
  • Best before
    Our unique artisan, handmade items have all been carefully created with a longer-lasting shelf life in mind, so please be assured that they are all assigned a 'best before' recommendation to help you plan your purchases without the worry of compromising freshness and taste.
  • Delivery or collection
    Local delivery only - 6 miles maximum from Nantwich. Delivery charges where applicable are added at the point of check out and if the location is within the radius limit, the cost is a flat rate charge of £5. Collection is also possible from Nantwich. Please contact us to arrange.
  • Payment
    Payment can either be made by Paypal or by bacs transfer. If you are collecting you can also pay electronically by iZettle card payment.
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