Christmas hamper

Unique handmade luxury celebratory hamper consisting of:

  • 46% handpainted hollow chocolate tree decorated with red cocoa butter and lustre-dusted rose gold star and baubles
  • 2 round milk chocolate lollipops with cocoa butter pattern
  • Christmas caraque figures wrapped in red and gold star foil
  • 2 x milk, white and dark Neapolitan mini bars sets
  • Gingerbread figures with a hint of gingerbread crumb
  • Handmade chocolate buttons in white and milk chocolate
  • 'Thor' snowmen figures in white chocolate
  • Crispy gold baubles

Milk Chocolate

Single origin Grand Cru Dominican Republic milk chocolate from the Bejucos region
(46% cocoa mass)
Typical weight of treat box is 337g

Please note: These items are individually handmade so there may be some variance in the appearance and weight, but we do try our very best to maintain consistency.


Presented in a biodegradable handy sized red hamper tray covered with a biodegradable bag and secured with a ribbon. Please keep dry. 


Made to order - Please let us know if you require them for a special event/date. We can usually dispatch orders within 4 days.


If the weather is not 'chocolate-friendly' (too warm!) this might take a bit longer which we can discuss at the time of ordering.


Christmas hamper

  • All of our products carry cocoa solids percentage and allergen labelling. If you do require further details on a product or allergens please get in touch via the contact us page. 


    • White chocolate used throughout is either Dominican Republic Fairtrade organic single origin 25% or Colombian 35%
    • Milk chocolate Dominican Republic Grand Cru milk chocolate 46% cocoa mass
    • Dark chocolate is 70% cocoa mass from the Pachiza region of Peru 
    • May contain nut, gluten, egg and dairy traces, allergens; milk, soya
    • Minimum weight stated although there may be some variance as all items are handmade
    • Keep cool and dry and out of direct sunlight

    Please note that all our chocolate products are handmade. Where a product has inclusions, there may be some variance in the amount.